Life is

Sometimes life could be stress and overwhelming. We hate problem in our life but we see the personality/character after the problem is over. The choice we take, the wise or the fool. After all, we see the consequence. Continue reading “Life is”


When life is hard to be understood and the perspective

When I opened my note last year of 2012, I read the quote which I wrote. The quote is “In the year 2013, let’s doing more than expected and make a memorable year. Move your asses and hard work”. In 2013, sometimes I was feeling lazy too lazy to get out from my comfort zone, I was feeling lazy to do my best, and I was feeling “life is hard to be understood”. Continue reading “When life is hard to be understood and the perspective”

Capacity and Blessings


What’s in your mind when someone talked about capacity and blessings ? give some of your thoughts to me.

Capacity always fit perfectly with the God’s Blessing.

Let me give you an example. To carry 1 kg apples you can use the bag but to carry ton of apples you need a truck. Is it make sense to you ? absolutely yes.

God don’t wanna give you blessings if the blessings can destroy your relationship, your family, etc. Now you say, “But Willi, how can a blessing destroy my relationship, my family or others?

Continue reading “Capacity and Blessings”

Time to Pause and Rethink


Honestly I don’t know sometimes life knocked me down n make me so stress. One of my best friend bbm me and I am asking him one question. The question is “What are you doing in christmas night ?” He said “I am at home n this time I want pause and rethink again”. So this note I call This topic ‘Time to pause and rethink

Before ending the year of 2012, I know it’s the best time to pause from all activities, thanksgiving what God had done during 2012 in life, and rethink again what is your resolution in 2013.

Maybe you think, nothing is good happen ur life in 2012. Whatever you said, i just wanna say “The better days are ahead” and “Be courages”. Be thankful for everything in your life, be thankful for all circumstances, be thankful for all your problems, be thankful and always be thankful. Remember God is doing something great in your life exceed your imagination.

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My blackberry “Internal and External” Memory

During 2 months, my blackberry(bb) was often error. Honestly i don’t know why. i’ve just had a thought that “my blackberry external memory was full”. I’ve tried to remove data in external memory but i haven’t even tried to remove data in internal memory. I think it’s funny. Until one day, exactly 23-aug-2012, i’ve backup all the data in external memory and remove them, it didn’t work too. My friend show that your internal memory was full. it was so surprised to me.

Moral of the story :

Internal and external memory are important. Usually , external memory are greater than internal memory but internal memory is the key of effectiveness rather than external memory. You can’t underestimate one side and make important the other one. Both of them are important.

Sometimes, we think life is an unfair to us. We can’t choose the family we were born. We can’t choose the nation we were born. We can’t choose the parent we were born. I think, if we have a choice, we ALWAYS choose the great and the rich family.

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